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The Need of Tib e Nabvi PBUH

tib e nabvi

Why the need for Tibb
Interest in alternative medical treatment has grown all over the world for many different reasons.
For a start, western medicine is very expensive and not always effective. Many people find the cost of a doctor’s consultation, plus the cost of medicine, difficult to manage.
In addition, patients find the short consultation time with a doctor does not allow them to relay all their symptoms and the root cause of their discomfort. Doctors don’t always probe into the living conditions and the situations and events surrounding the patient’s life that may have an impact on how they feel. The cause of disease is most often reduced to either a virus or a bug with no consideration made to the role played by lifestyle, diet, emotions and the environment.

Another thing is that doctors seem to speak their own language, one that patients don’t understand encouraging patients to put all their faith and trust in their doctor’s opinion without leaving any room for their own intuition or feeling. Most often the suggested cure is designed to mask symptoms (like painkillers), and requires the patient to take medicine continuously instead of healing whatever is causing the problem. Modern medicine to a large degree tends to prolongs illness, focussing on treatment rather than prevention, illness rather than the path of health.

In this regard Hippocrates said,
“Any physician who administers a poison, or procures an abortion, or prevents a pregnancy, or prolongs the disease of a sick man – such a physician is no colleague of
mine.” (12, suy.)

On this subject he formulated a well-known oath which in no insignificant way stands as a censure
of modern medical practice. He is also quoted as saying,

“May the physician be given strength from Allah, the Almighty, and obedience towards Him, and good advice, and an understanding of the secrets of disease. Truly he must not administer any fatal drug, nor indicate it, nor point it out. He must not give anything to a woman to cause an abortion. He must keep well away from all pollution and defilement. He must not gaze at women. He must not go in search of excess, idling away his time in pleasure, sleep, eating and drinking, or play – but he must be eager to treat the poor and the people who have nothing. He must be gentle in his speech, kind with his words, and near to Allah.” (30, suy.)

Modern medicine unfortunately often resorts to unwholesome substances and procedures in its preparation of medicines and its formulation of treatments. It also tends to display very little regard to the sanctity of divine revelation and religious sensitivities. The Holy Prophet Muhammad declared in this regard,

“Whoever is treated with a remedy that Allah has made permissible will be cured, but whoever is treated with a remedy that Allah has made impermissable will certainly not be allowed by Allah to be cured.” (143, suy.)

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