What is Gall Bladder Stone? Causes, Symptoms and its Treatment? (pittay ki pathri or is ka ilaj)

What is Gall Bladder Stone? Causes, Symptoms and its Treatment? (pittay ki pathri or is ka ilaj)

What is Gall Bladder Stone? Causes, Symptoms and its Treatment?(pittay ki pathri or is ka ilaj)

Gall bladder stones are extremely common , not in just our population but worldwide. Females are affected more than males. It has strong association with food especially fatty food. Since its common so surgical removal of gall bladder is widely performed procedure in every hospital on this planet. In this article we learn important facts about the gall bladder stones and its treatment.

Causes for stones formation in gall bladder

Causes are many for stone formation. Commonly stones are made up of cholesterol. Stones can also be formed in blood diseases. So in short stones forms because of two reasons.

  1. When the bile consistency changes
  2. When the mechanism of Absorption of bile extra fluid within gall bladder gets disturbed.



Symptoms of gall bladder stone


  1. Heaviness in upper stomach after food especially fatty food
  2. Retching/vomiting after meals
  3. Pain after meals , pain sometimes can be severe enough that it only relieves by injectable pain killers
  4. Continuous pain in stomach region  with vomiting and fever


 Treatment of gall bladder stones

The only treatment available worldwide is to remove the gall bladder

 Is it important to remove the gall bladder?

If we do not opt for gall bladder surgery following things would happen

  1. Symptoms get repeated again and again
  2. Infection of the gall bladder which can transform into pus
  3. Stones can slip out from gall bladder and can block the Common bile duct leads to jaundice which requires additional procedure for duct clearance then followed by gall bladder surgery
  4. Pancreatitis because of stone slip out from gall bladder and blocks the opening of pancreatic opening. This complication can be life threatening


 How the gall bladder surgery being done


It is being done through key hole using laparascopy with almost no scaring on abdomen and pain free. In less than 24 hours pt will be discharged from hospital. You can resume your work from the very next day.


Those who are diagnosed with gall bladder stones ideally get the surgery done before Ramadan or wedding season. Because in these two occasions your gall bladder will hurt you more.


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